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Learning valuable primary research skills


This course gives students the incredibly rare opportunity to take meaningful control of their own education to pursue their passions. Lisgar is one of only a handful of schools in Ontario to offer this program and it has been nationally recognized as one of the most innovative in the country.

The course itself is designed to provide students with the specific tools needed at the post-secondary level by teaching students the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed. At the beginning of the year, students are taught the fundamentals of primary research design, research ethics and various research methodologies as students work towards designing a primary research project on a topic of their choosing. In the second half of the program, students receive one on one mentorship from a university professor while conducting lab and field research towards the completion of their project. The year culminates with a professionally delivered oral defence and externally reviewed written paper. Students who have previously completed four AP courses as well as Seminar/Research are eligible to receive their Capstone Diploma.

Beyond the skills that students will develop, the Capstone program here at Lisgar places students within a close knit group where lifelong friendships are made.

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Taught by: Mr.Middleton


In the classroom and independently (with the support of an expert adviser) students design and execute a primary research project on a topic of their choosing. This process culminates in a 4000-5000 word academic paper and 20 minute oral defence of their work. 

Throughout this process students will improve their proficiency in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Qualitative and quantitative research 
  • Academic writing 
  • Project management
  • Community outreach
  • Professional communication

Beyond the classroom this program provides a supportive environmental for studens to develop the self confidence, resiliancy and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive within whatever post secondary program they choose to pursue.


Every student in the AP Research program has the opportunity to work with an academic researcher at one of Lisgar’s official post-secondary partners: The University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Students will be matched with professors after selecting their research field and topic. This is an excellent opportunity for students to build professional relationships as well as learn in a real post-secondary environment.

Outcomes and testimonial

Cap Infographic - Edited
"I can honestly say that Capstone played an important role in shaping my first year of university. Upon arriving at university, I found that I felt comfortable in a research environment and with the self-discipline required to succeed. This made for an extremely smooth academic transition and allowed me to pursue extracurricular activities/become more involved in the campus community....It wasn't just a 2-year program because the things I learned about research and myself, as well as the friends I made, will stay with me.."

Anika Bousquet

Class of 2018

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