2022 AP exam fees due Nov. 7th

Please pay your AP exam fees by November 7th! If you have not received notification through School Cash Online, please contact Ms. McCoy at ap.lisgar@ocdsb.ca Any exams that have to be ordered after November 7th will be subject to a $70.00 late fee.

French and Music Exams Cancelled

I regret to inform students that, due to the ongoing public health restrictions, we will be unable to host in-person exams this year. As such, all AP French Language and AP Music Theory exams are cancelled. All fees paid by students will be refunded as soon as is administratively possible. For those students in Grade […]


This is a reminder that in order to participate in the upcoming AP exam you must install the digital exam app which can be found here: https://download.app.collegeboard.org/


In advance of the digital AP exams, all students are required to download and install the College Board TESTING APP website as soon as possible. The website will automatically detect the device used to access the content and will provide Windows or Mac installation links/instructions as required. Please note: Students cannot use a smartphone or […]

Online Live Review

The College Board is hosting a series of live, subject specific review sessions for students in advance of the exam. For more information CLICK HERE

All French and Music Exams moved to June 4th.

Due to the most recent move to close schools we have no other choice but to shift our scheduled exam dates to a later window. For French and Music exams that will be on June 4th. More details to come. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

AP Digital Exam Dates/Time

The table below lists the digital exam dates for all exams being offered at Lisgar. As a reminder, all exams other than French Language and Music Theory have been shifted to at-home digital. Course name Teacher Format Date Time French Language and Culture (Cohort A) Ms. Kalbfleisch-Mezo In-Person May 10, 2021 8:00AM Music Theory (Cohort […]

AP Exams Moving Online

Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all eligible AP exams (this excludes French and Music) offered at or by Lisgar will be moving to the remote digital format. This will mean that students will be writing the exam from home on an eligible device at a designated time. More information about […]

Late Fees Confusion via School Cash Online

Lisgar has recently added the option for students to pay late registration fees through school cash online. Unfortunately this has led to some confusion due to the notification that some parents have been receiving. If a student was registered and paid before October 31st no late fee payments are necessary. If you have any questions, […]